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27 November 2010 @ 12:11 am
NaBloPoMo day 27  
The Saints won yesterday. Auburn won today. And so did the Ducks, which means they'll be playing each other for the championship. In the 1st game of the season, the Ducks slaughtered my school 64-0 or something but my school's football team is a joke. I dislike pretty much ALL of Mountain West so I kinda started rooting for the Ducks out of the PAC10. But the SECOND generally knows how to BRING IT in college football, but...even though I'll be rooting for Auburn to win it all (& go 100% undefeated doe the season) I'm not completely confident they can win.

In non football news, we are scheduled to go see Harry Potter tomorrow!!! Yay!

Tonight we all played this board game called Balderdash. It was so much fun & hilarious! We invented lots of new definitions & learned lots of new words. For example, did you know that "Boondocking" is a word that means making a good move in a game of tiddlywinks. Also, our game progressed to the point where my sister said "Vagitarian - someone who only eats tuna." There were a LOT of tuna jokes coming from the family...

Its after midnight & I can't quit handwritting my novel. I'm on a roll!

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