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06 November 2011 @ 07:18 pm
NaBloPoMo entry # 7  
the good news is that my phone is working again. i stuck it in rice overnight & now it turned on. i'm not complaining.

the bad news is that when all my texts came through this morning, i was PISSED. a certain male who showed up at that party friday night apparently felt that since he quote "left his friends" to be with me (apparently he forgot that he LEFT THE FREAKING PARTY TO GO HANG WITH HIS FRIENDS, LEAVING ME THERE) that i should have jumped on it when he called back.

what. ever.

so i am going to take today's blog to give all the dumbass males who read this (and i know there are none. i have 1 guy on my flist & it's totallygay81 and he's much brighter than this. but still. just in case any stumble across this, here we go.) a piece of my mind.


1. Smiling at you does not mean we want to have sex with you.
2. Flirting at you does not mean we want to have sex with you.
3. Even inviting you to a party because we like you does not mean we want to have sex with you!

I think that's pretty simple, right?


Yall know me. yall know i'm not waiting for marriage or anything like that. but what's so difficult about having a crush on someone (even if it's a crush that's gone on for 2+ years) and still not wanting to jump into the sack with them the first time you see them outside of work?


know what this means?

it means i will NEVER give said person another chance.

on a different subject, NaNoWriMo, i have a question. I have read exactly 2 Young Adult books that mention blow jobs. one is that book Looking For Alaska and it's not super detailed, but you know what's up. there is mentions of mouth on weenie. and then there is Marked which is the 1st of a vampire series and it just kind of says that the Main Character witnesses someone giving someone else one. however, it does get pretty crazy with the sex scenes IMO. it talks about Zoey (the MC) riding someone for the 1st time. anyway, i digress.

my question is, should BJ's even be mentioned in a YA book?

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