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26 November 2011 @ 09:34 pm
NaBloPoMo entry #26  
Today was the Iron Bowl.

We lost.

Boo, although I really wasn't expecting us to win. It's annoying being the only Auburn fan in a room full of (2)Alabama fans & a whole bunch of bama bandwagoners though!!!!!!

It's turning into another weekend where I'm not going to feel like i've accomplished anything, I can tell. well, unless you count watching football & Paul Walker movies as accomplishments. i guess they could be... I need to get a life though and stop cyber stalking PW. maybe if i did i could meet someone i found just as interesting as he is... yeah, i doubt it.

So. This evening i found my high school memory box. HOLY CANNOLI! the things that are in there! love letters from my ex (who i talked to today & is coming to Walt Disney World with me & Aislynn in March), mad love letters from a guy who i am still friends with on FB (& is now married to the girl he was with when he was sending all those letters & they have 4 kids. oh & i was with ex when i was getting them), my prom invitation, my Auburn acceptance letter (i had enrolled as a pre-computer science major. what was i planning on doing with that?), birthday cards from my now deceased grandparents, the wedding invitation of my high school friend who had so many complications from child birth a year ago she just had a heart & kidney transplant, notes from my friend who i never talk to anymore thanking me for my friendship...

so now i'm sitting here crying.

why the heck doesn't life go as we planned?

anyway. on a funnier note, i also found my True Love Waits card that Jason (the ex from alabama) & i signed after i'd already taken his virginity. there were a lot of appearances to keep up with in high school, you know.

i also found my ticket stub to my 1st auburn game i ever attended, a ticket for Six Flags in St Louis ($14.97), a friend's obituary, a tag for size medium victoria's secret undies (medium? i wish), the wrist band from my Baby Think It Over we had to carry in high school, a whole bunch of sporting event tickets, hair from someone that i'm sure i was saving & now just grosses me out, an opryland theme park ticket... so much stuff.

funny how it's that old stuff that does me in & not the pictures.

speaking of pictures, why did we feel the need to sit in piles in high school?

oh & i hit the 50,000 mark at NaNoWriMo. yay.

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Mala: Earth at night13oct on November 27th, 2011 12:49 pm (UTC)
WOooot for finishing Nano. I'm so thrilled for you!

I too tend to go on benders when I come across stuff like this. Like Jess above, I think a good cry really helps.