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Jessica K Malfoy
03 November 2010 @ 07:18 am
I voted straight red. New Mexico is traditionally a blue state & I'm sick of it. Seems like a good run for red. I also voted for more money for school books (that's a no brainer) & more scholarships for vets & their kids, and both passed. I like it when that happens.

Now while I do love me some red, sometimes its hard to have just 2 parties, although I don't think I'd want to be like England & have so many parties that only a few get adequate representation, but its hard when you are like me and consider yourself an Extremely Anti-Abortion Christian Republican Who Supports Gay Rights and is Anti Social Programs Except For The People Who Truly Need Them. Its that 1st part that makes me super duper red. Plus I would just be embarrassed to be blue ;-)

I am nicely ahead of schedule for NaNoWriMo. Just over 4000 words. I handwrote 14 pages at work yesterday, which really helped. I may have gotten behind otherwise. As soon as I got home from the Dr, I had to make dinner & help her get her Girl Scout presentation ready (which she had forgotten about), then go w/ my mom to vote, then spend 2 hours at Girl Scouts. Aislynn's presentation was cute though. She's so quiet! When I got home I speed typed my 14 pages plus a little more while Aislynn did her piles of homework.

She was having another one of those my-teacher-is-mean moments mixed with i-hate-math followed by can-i-please-change-schools things last night. PUH-lease!!!!

Did I mention aislynn went & signed herself up for a club at her school called the banana splits? Its for kids whose parents aren't together & they meet with the counsellor. She is still very upset and hurt by her dad. I keep telling him we need to talk & I keep getting ignored. His loss.

I lost another 0.4 lbs since yesterday even though I was super hungry last night. I was complaining to moltobene1925 I wanted to eat, even though I'd had a full days calories. I'm flad I didn't. I need to go buy more veggies, but I'm broke!
There's your NaBloPoMo update :)

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Jessica K Malfoy
NaBloPoMo. Day 2.

Did you honor your deceased relatives yesterday? You should have. It was Dia de los Muertos. I did. We went to the pub. Had fish & chips, a beef boxty & a pub burger (Aislynn knows what she likes) and thought about ye olde Ireland. Or something.

I had a successful day with NaNoWriMo yesterday. It was nice. I can't remember my exact word count, but I put a little widget that tracks it on my profile page.

I am on day 2 of mad infatuation with McFly's Above The Noise album. Its pretty amazing! It has a very nice sound. My favorite songs are "This Song", "That's the Truth", "I Need a Woman" and the possibly improperly titled "I'll be [Y]Our Man".

If McFly isn't your thing, check out Marina & the Diamonds song "Shampain" (the Fred Falke radio edit). Its killer.

I don't have anything to talk to my therapist about today, so I think I'll tell her how much I want to be thin. That always takes up the full hour. I like to preplan my sessions so we never veer into anything that might upset me or make me cry. We don't go there. Specifically, I don't go there.

I've got a good number of handwritten pages for today's NaNoWriMo efforts. Its been shite slow at work, which stinks since I NEED to make a bonus. London calling! Plus I'd like a spare $300 to take with me to blow on 1 pair of those fancy knickers :)

Speaking of travels, has anyone ever been to Paris? I have a day to spend there. How do I see the Eiffel Tower, a bit of the Lourve (sp??) & Versailles in a day? And if I have to skip the Lourve, how do I get to Versailles? I'm gonna practice some basic French but what transportation goes from the chunnel (again. Best word EVER) to Versailles?

I Am Here: my work desk
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