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16 November 2010 @ 07:02 am
prop my eyelids open with a 2x4 plz  
Goodness I am so tired!!! I don't think an entire pot of coffee plus a bag of expresso beans would wake me up any more! Know what would? More sleep! I think I've averaged 6 hours for the past few nights & its all my fault!!

I am less than 10,000 words away from hitting my NaNoWriMo mark and yet.... I haven't covered all the things I had intended for this book. Not even close. And I'm worried that without those things I novel is just like a big "Oh the main character thinks she's in LOOOOVE-fest".

Most average YA books range at a maximum of 75,000 words. Even if I shoot for that, I dunno if I'll cover it all. I googled the lengths of other popular YA books & there are much longer ones out there but I don't wanna freak out potential agents by shopping around a YA series with all the novels being around 100,000 words. Cause book #1 is pretty close to that right now, although as I sit here I can think of a few scenes I could removed.

While the second book is basically about the MC & the person who will be her 1st love, I don't want it JUST to be about that. I wouldn't want to read that! There's a bit of conflict between her 2 good friends but so far its only touched on, and I need to get to the part where there is strife because of her nutty mom but I feel like I'm not covering it all.

I need to stop worrying about it though, considering its just a 1st draft!! The 1st draft of the first novel came a long way to get to the point its out now & it still has a ways to go.

And in summary, for NaBloPoMo day 16, I talked about NaNoWriMo. Tada!

PS. The gossip mags were right! Prince Wills did propose to Kate! Squee! How super cute!!!

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