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i see you drivin round town with the guy i love

NaBloPoMo Day 17

I haven't watched the new Glee yet but I am loving the songs. Well, two of them anyway. I freakin adore Cee Lo & his song Eff You has been on my most played since it came out & Gwyneth just killed it! ♥

And while I'm not a fan of Umbrella, I LOVE Singing In The Rain but the 2 songs together?? Perfect!

At work I've called 151 people in the little over an hour I've been on the phone. 7 have answered. Yuck. This makes for a looong and booooring day. Also, was there something that told people who are in debt to change their phone numbers to the automated weather line for their city? I've got a LOT of those this week.

They laid off 8 members of upper management at work yesterday. While I feel bad for them because company's do this right before Christmas, I'm glad its not me.

I also got the Glee Christmas album a few days ago & Kanye's leaked album. Both are good.

I wrote the least I've written all month for NaNoWriMo (1690 words I think) but I think I hit a good turning point. Thank goodness. I figured out that the main character is scared of rejection! Who does that sound like?

My twitter is being indirectly reported back to my mom. The person who I previously have mentioned as reading my twitter & overreacting apparently showed her mom, who then asked my mom about it when they went to lunch recently. It was good stuff that was said - that I'm so pretty (*preens*) and I've lost a lot of weight (eff yeah I have) - but its still weird.
My weight is SO close to a milestone!!! I have exactly 1 lb to lose & I'll be 10 lbs away from goal #1 (not the final goal, but its still exciting). I've been feeling rather narcissistic lately so its nice to be told how pretty I am. I haven't heard that in a while & I heard it from multiple people at my bday party. Vanity, vanity. LOL :-) I'm just being silly.

Hey someone answered the phone! Well maybe! I'm waiting on him to get out the bathroom... That's what his wife said. SIGH okay, just talked to him. He couldn't pay. Boogers.

Anyway. In closing, I'd like to share this with you: "I'm sorry, I can't afford a ferrari, but that don't mean I can't get you there."

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