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24 November 2010 @ 12:01 am
NaBloPoMo day 24  
So my computer is still virus-y. But it's currently working. I kind of doubt I should be on it, to be honest.

In the afternoon, Izzy and I catch a plane to my dad's for Thanksgiving. I'm so glad we don't have to drive this year! Also, this year my brother & sister are flying in on Friday to join us for the weekend, so it should be fun to have all 4 of my siblings in one place! I wonder what kind of turkey we are having this year. Last year they got a smoked turkey. it was yummy. I know my mom doesn't like it when we leave her, but my whole entire super extended family out here gathers across the street at my grandma's for Thanksgiving, so she won't be alone. my stepmom makes some kind of cranberry dip that she serves every Thanksgiving. i have GOT to get the recipe! it's soooooo good!

speaking of recipes, i made these AMAZING brownies for our potluck at work today. everyone scarfed them. i took pics, so when i feel my computer is a little more trustworthy, i will post them. i have named them Jessica's Amazing Brownies. tada!

Here's my cousin on her 21 bday last Saturday.

here's me and my other cousin. i get the feeling sometimes that i have a small head...

and there's me & my 3 cousins at dinner for Lisa's bday! i think someone photoshopped her eyes blue! LOL oh well, i do it too!

i would also like to direct your attention to his bit of Miley Cyrus goodness. i will say that when i was 18 i was doing a whole lot worse. it's just more entertaining when it's someone famous. which is why i never EVER want to be famous!

now i must go to bed. it's late and i'm tired!

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livvyharrislivvyharris on November 24th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
you look great! did you lose more weight? die your hair? both? You look different from the last pic I saw, but I can't place it. either way, you look fabulous!
Jessica K Malfoy: nature: foam wave on shorejessicakmalfoy on November 25th, 2010 03:03 am (UTC)
Well I'm 40 lbs lighte, my hair is darker & shorter and my bags are cut short :) So thank you!
livvyharrislivvyharris on November 26th, 2010 08:20 am (UTC)
I think it's the combination of the three that confused me, lol. I definitely noticed the bangs, but couldn't tell if I was just projecting the huge difference onto the weight and color as well.

wow, 40 pounds is AMAZING!! congrats!!