Jessica K Malfoy (jessicakmalfoy) wrote,
Jessica K Malfoy

fashion for free

Tags: fashion, fashion spot, friends

  • i see you drivin round town with the guy i love

    NaBloPoMo Day 17 I haven't watched the new Glee yet but I am loving the songs. Well, two of them anyway. I freakin adore Cee Lo & his song Eff You…

  • NaBloPoMo day 13

    Today, I am conquering my insanely large clean laundry pile. I am also thinking of ways not to go to work tomorrow. Just an average day in the life…

  • fic stealer alert!

    i'm not a drarry fan but what i really hate is PLAGIARISM! what is up with people lately??? so someone i know as a friend of a friend,…

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