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05 November 2011 @ 11:58 am
NaBloPoMo entry #5  

i partied a little too much like a rock star last night. i am not going into details since this is a public post for NaBloPoMo but, i am not doing that again.... heck no. although parts of it were fun >:) i think... The way i feel right now? that's not fun!

and my iphone broke. it won't come on at all which is a huge bummer. luckily i have apple care, so i'll go get it fixed/replaced today, but still, it's weird. i miss it.

i forgot to update my NaNoWriMo count yesterday, so i did it now after finishing some more writing and i'm at 12174. pretty good. i love watching that bar grow taller :)

the cat is sleeping in my bed. still. she wanted to come in the house last night when i got home, a little after 3, but didn't. i think i may have accidentally slammed the door shut. no matter though, cause i woke up about 6 to find her in my room and she is still sleeping and it's noon. oh well, it was snowing this morning, so i can't blame her. if the room would stop spinning, i'd go back to sleep too!

Feeling: drunkhung over