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06 November 2011 @ 09:24 am
NaBloPoMo entry #6  
Happy Sunday!

Yesterday I went to Andre's to watch the LSU/alabama game. while it was kinda boring (NO touchdowns at all), LSU won in overtime and that made me one happy lady! besides the fact that i despise alabama, LSU is my 2nd favorite college team (the first is Auburn. WAR EAGLE BABY!). needless to say, i was the ONLY LSU fan there. everyone else was hardcore bama fans or bama bandwagoners because their significant others like it. it was great.

i've also developed a bit of a crush on LSU's cornerback Tyrann Mathieu. Yes, he is only 19 but that's still legal. sure, he seems to be cocky as all get out, but hello! he's being treated like a rock star. it happens.

he's pretty.

Feeling: chipperchipper