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NaBloPoMo entry #18

Today I renewed a loan with my FAVORITE CUSTOMERS OF ALL TIME. I wish all my customers were as cool as they are. They seem like they really value life & living & get that each moment is a gift. Plus, they really seem like they're in love. They're in their late 60s. They're so cool. Today I heard about their first ever "wild" vacation in which they went to San Diego and spent all the money they had saved up for it without worrying about it, AND about his trip with their daughter to the Cowboys Stadium (which he loves).

Why can't all my customers be so awesome???

Here's a joke for you:

So there was this couple on their wedding night. The man, feeling all sorts of manly & macho, hands his trousers to his wife & says "Put these on." She thinks he's nuts, but things have been so good that day, she decides to indulge him. Of course, the pants are too big. She puts them on & they fall right off. She tells him "Honey, I can't wear your pants." Still feeling pretty damn cocky he says "Damn straight. You remember that. I wear the pants in this relationship." She looks at him, one eyebrow arched so high you can barely see it and throws her panties at him. "Yeah?" she says. "Well put these on!" And of course, he cannot fit into her panties. He struggles, but they won't go any higher than his knees. "Babe, I can't get in your panties," he complains. "Damn straight," she shoots back at him. "And you won't be getting in them until you change you attitude!"
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