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NaBloPoMo # 21

Who is the best musician or band of all time?

This question has a picture of Jimi Hendrix by it, so that made me think about him. He was quite awesome on the guitar, but I'm just not a fan. His music doesn't do it for me. Probably my favorite song by him is his version of Little Drummer Boy followed by The Star Spangled Banner. I like how he took classics like that & made them his own, even if they were full of satire. Thinking of him brings up Janis Joplin. Girl was ugly. Her voice was weird. But Me and Bobby McGee is one of the greatest songs EVER. But that's still not enough to qualify her as the best. I could think about great classic songs all day long, but IMO, the best EVER overall and always is Jimmy Buffett.

It's true.

Tags: jimmy buffett, music, nablopomo, writer's block
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