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NaBloPoMo day # 22

today's NaBloPoMo is brought to you by Dior. You know, that fancy brand that none of us can afford. Or at least I can't. HOWEVER! today i got an email saying the 500 point perk from Sephora was a Dior charm bracelet and mini bottle of perfume. Well, I always save my points for the end of the year because that's when they have the best perks. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i went to sephora at lunch & got that bracelet!

Tomorrow i get off work at 3, which is lovely except that we have to work FRIDAY and SATURDAY. know why? cause these losers don't pay their bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH.

last night i had a dream about Paul Walker. you'd think this would be exciting, right??? no. I dreamed that people were telling me he was deceased :( AND it was kind of in an accusatory way! wtf??? well, he tweeted today, so i know that's not the case. anyway.

off to NaNoWriMo. also, i will reply to my week or so's worth of replies. i promise.

love yall.

Tags: nablopomo, nanowrimo, paul walker, shopping, work
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