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NaBloPoMo entry #27

It's 12:09 am, so this counts as day #27, since it's technically Sunday (which means I need to get to bed cause church is in a few hours! however my bed doesn't have sheets on it yet cause i washed them this morning & haven't made it yet. urgh).


on my Twitter, I started getting replies from all these random people.

then I realized that Quiksilver had ReTweeted soemthing I said, which is cool, cause it was about Kelly Slater. now if only HE would tweet me! i had a tweet list of famous/interesting people i've wanted to tweet me. i'm down to just a few left, so I think i should make a new list. Kelly Slater, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter from McFly (this could be difficult cause Dougie doesn't tweet hardly anyone). That's about it. I guess I could add Jarad Padalecki to that list now.

Alright. I'd best be going to bed. I will offer up a part two, more substantial blog tomorrow (I mean... today...)

also. i'm FINALLY caught up with my RPGs. yikes. I get too far behind. November has been kinda crazy!

my neighbors are making some weird noises outside. at least i hope it's my neighbors & not someone stealing my car! *peeks out the window*

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