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NaBloPoMo entry #30

my icon is pretty much my reaction to what happened after church tonight. except I can't blog about it cause this is public. damn.

so, it's my last night of NaBloPoMo so I'm going to try to think up something interesting for you.

#1 I have 93% decided to accept the offer to move to Alabama. Not marriage, just the move. for now. I have to get out of here and the more I think about it, the better of an idea it sounds like. that first sentence up there, the one that i can't explain, well it plays a huge part in this decision. I knew these "THINGS" were happening, or at least i suspected, but now I know for sure.

#2 a customer at my work today, Emily, who is 75 years old, told me and my coworker that she always loved a man in uniform. she said when she was younger she had sex with a marine and asked him to only unzip his pants, because it was all about that uniform. then she said that he did take his hat off.

#3 I haven't watched tonight's American Horror Story yet. nope, I was a good gal & went to church. After what was said to my mom, i'm not so sure i made the right decision. well, church of course is the best place for me to be, but maybe i should quit socializing afterwards. i'm very excited to watch tonight's ep though.

#4 I have been catching up on season 4 of Merlin. i love that show, but let me tell you, the chick who plays Morgana is a TERRIBLE actress. she's like Ezma from The Emperor's New Groove. She comes up with the STUPIDEST schemes that NEVER work and are dreadfully complicated. i hate her character. not interesting in the least. plus she half whispers everything she says.



good bye November, hello December

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