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Writer's Block: Background players/NaBloPoMo day 27 part 2

What is your computer wallpaper right now?

it's a lovely picture of Autumn on a road. i had robert frost's Two Roads poem in mind when i went looking for it (that would make a good tattoo, yes????) and it's only one road, but i liked it anyway.

i went to pick up mine & Aislynn's Christmas pix today, the ones we would normally send out in our cards & i took one look at them & thought... do i always look that old/crazy? then i thought maybe i was overreacting, cause i had liked it when i picked it out, so i took them home & showed Aislynn. she said "wow, you kind of look like Rapunzel's mom Gothel." so. we will be redoing those bad boys!

i wanna be her

NaBloPoMo entry #27

It's 12:09 am, so this counts as day #27, since it's technically Sunday (which means I need to get to bed cause church is in a few hours! however my bed doesn't have sheets on it yet cause i washed them this morning & haven't made it yet. urgh).


on my Twitter, I started getting replies from all these random people.

then I realized that Quiksilver had ReTweeted soemthing I said, which is cool, cause it was about Kelly Slater. now if only HE would tweet me! i had a tweet list of famous/interesting people i've wanted to tweet me. i'm down to just a few left, so I think i should make a new list. Kelly Slater, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter from McFly (this could be difficult cause Dougie doesn't tweet hardly anyone). That's about it. I guess I could add Jarad Padalecki to that list now.

Alright. I'd best be going to bed. I will offer up a part two, more substantial blog tomorrow (I mean... today...)

also. i'm FINALLY caught up with my RPGs. yikes. I get too far behind. November has been kinda crazy!

my neighbors are making some weird noises outside. at least i hope it's my neighbors & not someone stealing my car! *peeks out the window*

auburn flag

NaBloPoMo entry #26

Today was the Iron Bowl.

We lost.

Boo, although I really wasn't expecting us to win. It's annoying being the only Auburn fan in a room full of (2)Alabama fans & a whole bunch of bama bandwagoners though!!!!!!

It's turning into another weekend where I'm not going to feel like i've accomplished anything, I can tell. well, unless you count watching football & Paul Walker movies as accomplishments. i guess they could be... I need to get a life though and stop cyber stalking PW. maybe if i did i could meet someone i found just as interesting as he is... yeah, i doubt it.

So. This evening i found my high school memory box. HOLY CANNOLI! the things that are in there! love letters from my ex (who i talked to today & is coming to Walt Disney World with me & Aislynn in March), mad love letters from a guy who i am still friends with on FB (& is now married to the girl he was with when he was sending all those letters & they have 4 kids. oh & i was with ex when i was getting them), my prom invitation, my Auburn acceptance letter (i had enrolled as a pre-computer science major. what was i planning on doing with that?), birthday cards from my now deceased grandparents, the wedding invitation of my high school friend who had so many complications from child birth a year ago she just had a heart & kidney transplant, notes from my friend who i never talk to anymore thanking me for my friendship...

so now i'm sitting here crying.

why the heck doesn't life go as we planned?

anyway. on a funnier note, i also found my True Love Waits card that Jason (the ex from alabama) & i signed after i'd already taken his virginity. there were a lot of appearances to keep up with in high school, you know.

i also found my ticket stub to my 1st auburn game i ever attended, a ticket for Six Flags in St Louis ($14.97), a friend's obituary, a tag for size medium victoria's secret undies (medium? i wish), the wrist band from my Baby Think It Over we had to carry in high school, a whole bunch of sporting event tickets, hair from someone that i'm sure i was saving & now just grosses me out, an opryland theme park ticket... so much stuff.

funny how it's that old stuff that does me in & not the pictures.

speaking of pictures, why did we feel the need to sit in piles in high school?

oh & i hit the 50,000 mark at NaNoWriMo. yay.

LSU: honey B

NaBloPoMo entry #25

Just finished watching the LSU/Arkansas game. It's a good day to be a Tiger! Let's hope that tomorrow it'll still be a good day to be a Tiger! Auburn plays bama in the Iron Bowl. Wouldn't that be a delicious upset????

Tyrann was a lovely thing to watch in the game. They're talking Heisman & I can see why.

I had to work today, but my boss let me off at 3, which was lovely.

I'm going back to my NaNoWriMo. I am almost done. Well, with the word count anyway, not with the novel.

OHOH but look at my cool fingernails!

i wanna be her

NaBloPoMo day 24

Things I'm thankful for:

10: that my car is paid off (otherwise the payment would be due today)
9. the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
8. lots of food that i don't have to feel guilty about
7. my family. i mean that
6. for having a job when lots of people don't
5. Baileys to put in my coffee
4. good TV like Supernatural & American Horror Story
3. friends like you
2. my flannel sheets
1. Paul Walker

This is quite possibly one of my most favorite Christmas songs ever. It always reminds me of the Christmas vacation that was half wonderful and half terrible. No middle ground on that one...

Also, this video inspires me. Watching Kelly Slater inspires me to try harder & do better :)

Last night i rewatched Takers. I love that movie. Paul Walker's acting isn't as bad as in the Fast & Furious movies, you get to see his butt (yay! he sure does like showing that off, doesn't he? *GASPS* i need to make an icon of that) and it has the yummy Hayden Christensen and the easy on the eyes TI in it. have you seen it? let me know if you want it.

my cousin's cousin & aunt (on their 'other' side of the family) are here for thanksgiving. they are very nice. i'm sure i've met them before but i really only remember them at the wedding where Aislynn was the flower girl in summer 2010. anyway. turns out the cousin is 20. i thought she was 15 or 16. huh. anyway, she's a nice girl so that's the good thing. now let's hope my uncle's wife doesn't make an ass of herself and run around insulting people again. it's always something with her. these days i try to smile & say hi then ignore her for the rest of the time. awkward.

we are doing a potluck style thanksgiving at my grandma's house.

as most of you know, i have gone to my dad's in Colorado for MANY, MANY years. and this year... here i am. i had to work yesterday, and i'll have to work tomorrow & most likely on Saturday. i am very sad about it. Thanksgiving with my dad & stepfamily is what I do. we have a lovely sit down meal, my stepmom kicks everyone out of the kitchen no matter how many times you offer, she bakes all my favorite things. MEH. i'm having difficulties being happy today.

but i'm not there, i'm here, so i baked for our meal here. and i'm going to be happy. i made a Pumpkin Walnut Cheesecake (the from scratch kind), mocha cookies (Andre's request), a peach cobbler (also Andre's request), a blue cheese walnut cranberry salad, cranberry dream dip to serve with rice crackers (my stepmom's recipe. it's like heaven) and.... I think that's all. Andre is making ribs at my request, since i'm not crazy about turkey or ham. my mom made 2 turkey's, a vegetable (i dunno which one yet), another peach cobbler and some other stuff. My sister made 2 chocolate pies, got 2 pumpkin pies from her work (she works in a bakery as a cake decorator), green bean casserole (you know the one made with french onions & cream of mushroom soup? apparently i'm the only person on the planet who doesn't just love it. i won't even touch it!) and rolls.

that's just from us. all the other members of my family will make just as much.

that is what i like about thanksgiving.

and since I picked a Disney pic right there, i'll show you this as well. The Mouse Wait app, which gives you ride times at Disneyland, tweeted this photo from this morning. These are people waiting to get IN LINE for Pirates of the Caribbean.

i do love me some disneyland, but those make me thankful i'm not there! after Aislynn and I tried Disney at Christmas, i will NEVER go for a major holiday again. EVER! although i am going to Disney World for spring break... geez. and my ex (the one who proposed) is going to meet us there. Aislynn is so happy. he doesn't want to do the cruise (he gets motion sickness on like... everything) but he'll come to the parks. he can ride the kid rides with Aislynn :) LOL

starwars worst elevator ride

NaBloPoMo day 23: Family ties

What do you love to do with your family?

I like to play boardgames with my family. To be quite honest, my family doesn't get along all that well. My mom has mega financial issues but won't say anything except in a passive agressive sense, my brother is in the middle of a depressed pity party and my sister... well, lately i've wanted to throttle her over the laundry. Oh and me. I have my own issues. I am annoying because I complain about how they bug me (so we're all equal here, ya know!) However, when we play board games, we get along. We like playing that kids game Mystery Date, I love playing Clue, especially Harry Potter Clue.

That's what I like to do with my family.

Sometimes I wish we got along better, but most of the time, I think that we would if we didn't all have to live so close together. My mom and I got along much better before my sister & brother were there.

I suppose that means its time for me to leave, since none of them are planning on doing so.

model: paul walker behind a pole

NaBloPoMo day # 22

today's NaBloPoMo is brought to you by Dior. You know, that fancy brand that none of us can afford. Or at least I can't. HOWEVER! today i got an email saying the 500 point perk from Sephora was a Dior charm bracelet and mini bottle of perfume. Well, I always save my points for the end of the year because that's when they have the best perks. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i went to sephora at lunch & got that bracelet!

Tomorrow i get off work at 3, which is lovely except that we have to work FRIDAY and SATURDAY. know why? cause these losers don't pay their bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH.

last night i had a dream about Paul Walker. you'd think this would be exciting, right??? no. I dreamed that people were telling me he was deceased :( AND it was kind of in an accusatory way! wtf??? well, he tweeted today, so i know that's not the case. anyway.

off to NaNoWriMo. also, i will reply to my week or so's worth of replies. i promise.

love yall.

jb: cabin fever

NaBloPoMo # 21

Who is the best musician or band of all time?

This question has a picture of Jimi Hendrix by it, so that made me think about him. He was quite awesome on the guitar, but I'm just not a fan. His music doesn't do it for me. Probably my favorite song by him is his version of Little Drummer Boy followed by The Star Spangled Banner. I like how he took classics like that & made them his own, even if they were full of satire. Thinking of him brings up Janis Joplin. Girl was ugly. Her voice was weird. But Me and Bobby McGee is one of the greatest songs EVER. But that's still not enough to qualify her as the best. I could think about great classic songs all day long, but IMO, the best EVER overall and always is Jimmy Buffett.

It's true.

Disney: fighter mulan

NaBloPoMo day 20

Today's entry is brought to you by Twilight. Don't worry, I haven't seen it yet so there are no spoilers. My worry though is that all my family & friends have gone to see it, except me, and its not sounding good :( It wasn't that I was hoping for an Oscar but I can't even tell you the number of times I have heard "during the werewolf fight voice over scene, it was so painfully humiliating I wanted to run from the theater." and this is coming from people who LOVE Twilight. SIGH. I'm going to reserve my judgement for when I see it. Although now I'm nervous so before I spend the money I am gonna download a cam copy.

Our next article of business is college football. Last night OSU totally upset Oregon. Let me tell you, I was thrilled! I DESPISE the ducks!!!! If you read my LJ I hope you know this. So, unless there are any more upsets, this puts the title back in the fighting hands of Bama & LSU. I've got my purple & gold all over this one. The best outcome I can see with this scenario is that the title will remain in the SEC, where it belongs, for yet another year. The worst is that if it does come down to bama LSU, then bama will be coming in with a vengeance.


I love college football.

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NaBloPoMo entry #19

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would it be called?
this is really starting to get on my nerves. know why? cause every time i answer one of these & post it, it disappears. AND THAT'S REALLY BLOODY ANNOYING!

so my answer to this is something like: who cares but i should get my own reality show. i could backstab my "friends" all day, prove my awesomeness by baking but not eating & spend 5 hours a day in the gym - three for cardio and two for toning.

yall know you would watch.

last night's OSU/Iowa game was INSANE! I love a good upset, and that sure was, but it does mean that bama will go back to being ranked #2 and then that leaves the championship most likely tied up between LSU, bama and the ducks. i hate the ducks. if they played bama, i'd go buy a bama shirt. that's how much i despise them.

i have to get back to NaNoWriMo now. watching the game last night made me get behind with my personal daily writing goal!